Dogs do not only serve us as a companion, but they also serve the law enforcement. A K9 is a dog that is specifically trained to help the law enforcement personnel. Their duties include: searching for drugs and explosives, locating missing people, finding crime scene evidence, and protecting their handlers. Police dogs must remember several verbal cues and hand gestures. The most commonly used breed is the German Shepherd and Belgian Malinoi.  Continue reading


Other than using a standard collar when walking your furry companion there are also dog harnesses. Dog harnesses are easier on your pet, as the place little or no pressure on the throat, depending on the style.

You can find harnesses for dogs that distribute pressure over the chest, the shoulders, or even the rear end. Like dog collars, harnesses might be made of nylon, leather, suede, or sports mesh. Some are even lined with faux fur.  Continue reading

Behavioral Problems

Your new dog is in a new environment now, whether they are a puppy or an adult. They have yet to learn your rules, tone of voice and your character. Behavior in the household has to be learned with time. With out a doubt you will run into some problems along the way, but don’t worry your new dog will learn in no time, you just have to stay patient, loving and consistent with your training.  Continue reading