Going away but can’t take your dog with you?

Going on a vacation or business trip but don’t know where to leave your pup? no need to worry, your dog is in good hands. When friends and family are not available to look over your dog, Dog Hotels could be your next best option.


A pet hotel is dedicated to going beyond being just “pet friendly”. Here are 5 benefits you can expect from most pet hotels: Continue reading


Seven tips for new puppy owners

Congrats on your new Puppy!

One: Prepare your home before your new furry best friend arrives! just like you would baby-proof, you would be surprised how much a puppy can explore. Your puppy should feel safe and comfortable in their new home. Surround them with love, a comfy bed and nice toys that they can chew on. Be sure to clear things like any electric cables, valuables or anything that you feel they can potentially chew on. Continue reading

Who ever said diamonds are a girls best friend, never owned a dog.

img_8091-2As I write this, I am sitting at my desk, in my dorm at SJSU. Patiently waiting until I see my four legged fur baby again. Coco, is her name. She is a five year old spunky white Mini Poodle living in Los Angeles with my parents. Ive grown to love dearly, she fills my life with joy and makes me laugh endlessly. She is my best friend as crazy as it sounds, but I know all you dog lovers understand me. Continue reading