Dog fleas and how to get rid of them

Has your dog ever had a visit of un-invited fleas?

As dog owners, we dread this situation; but our furry companions dread it even more! It is more common during the summer time, that this happens. These small dark brown insects prefer temperature from 60-8 degrees and humidity levels of 75-85 percent.. so for some areas of the country they are more than just a “summer” problem. Dogs often get infested with fleas through contact with other animals or contact with fleas in the environment. The strong back legs of this insect enable it to jump from host to host or from the environment onto the host. (Fleas do not have wings, so they cannot fly!) The flea’s bite can cause itching for the host but for a sensitive or flea-allergic animal, this itching can be quite severe and leads to hair-loss, inflammation and secondary skin infections. Some pets, hypersensitive to the flea’s saliva, will itch all over from the bite of even a single flea! Continue reading


Taking your dog to a dog park

Taking your dog to a dog park,

Your dog will become more social around dogs if you take them to a dog park, they might enjoy it so much they’ll beg you to take them back (:

Being around other dogs, get them moving there little paws, they get to run around, smell new things and play with their own kind. It’s great if they are the only dog that you have, they get to socialize, bark and just be a dog.

Dog parks provide a natural environment for you companion to run around without a leash. If your dog is very energetic this is a great way to get them a little tired. Continue reading


Dog Grooming is important, if you own a dog that requires much attention in this category you know that it is important to do it early and often. Some dogs might not love going to the groomers, but if you set them up at an early stage they will become more used to it as time goes on. If you adopt an older dog, you might run into some problems but no need to worry everything takes practice and patience.  Continue reading

Top 10 small dogs

Are you leaning towards a small dog? they are the cutest aren’t they. When I was on the search for my dog Coco, one thing I knew was that I wanted a small dog. They are easier to travel with, cuddle with and simply just a nice little lap dog. Coco is a mini poodle, and she is also hypoallergenic, prior to finding her I was sure that I wanted to keep my dog indoors with me. I knew that a larger dog was just to much for me to handle, so it wasn’t really an option. When searching for your dog, you must always do a little research on the breed before you bring them home with you that way you know what to expect, and know if they really fit into your lifestyle.  Continue reading

5 games to play with your dog

Playing game’s with your dog is a great start to building a relationship. Have you ever wondered which games your companion would enjoy and would be fun to play? Regular activity is important for your dog, it gets them moving after a long day cooped up. Although napping is recommended for a puppy, it’s never a good idea to play with them for a long period of time. Napping just like a baby, helps with growth and maturity of your young pup. If the play to hard, or too long you’ll end up with a grumpy pup.  Continue reading

Leash train your active puppy

Walking your dog is very important, it trains them socially, and they also get a good little workout in. I remember when I first began training my dog Coco with her leash it was not very easy, she almost seemed like she was in shock wondering why she had a leash on her. With time after taking her around our neighborhood a couple times she eventually get the hang of it and began to have fun with it.

When beginning to walk your puppy/dog make sure you have a nice comfy collar and leash that wont hurt them. Something light weight is usually recommended, so that your dog wont feel awkward wearing it. After training with a simply leash you can move onto a more styled leash that fits your dogs needs.  Continue reading

Behavioral Problems

Your new dog is in a new environment now, whether they are a puppy or an adult. They have yet to learn your rules, tone of voice and your character. Behavior in the household has to be learned with time. With out a doubt you will run into some problems along the way, but don’t worry your new dog will learn in no time, you just have to stay patient, loving and consistent with your training.  Continue reading