Guide Dogs

Guide dogs, also known as service animals, assistance animals or seeing eye dogs. These dogs are trained to help the visually impared people around obstacles. Although you would think these dogs guide them completely they actually do not. They serve the human as a co-pilot, the human is the one who actually does the directing.  Continue reading


Car rides with your dog

Off to the coast, with kids an all, but worried about how your dog might handle the trip? Whatever the destination might be, having your dog come along for the ride, makes the trip even better. Dogs can be great travel companions!

But before we get to excited, there is a couple things you can do to make your dogs trip in the car smoother, safer, and more enjoyable for everybody.  Continue reading

Leash train your active puppy

Walking your dog is very important, it trains them socially, and they also get a good little workout in. I remember when I first began training my dog Coco with her leash it was not very easy, she almost seemed like she was in shock wondering why she had a leash on her. With time after taking her around our neighborhood a couple times she eventually get the hang of it and began to have fun with it.

When beginning to walk your puppy/dog make sure you have a nice comfy collar and leash that wont hurt them. Something light weight is usually recommended, so that your dog wont feel awkward wearing it. After training with a simply leash you can move onto a more styled leash that fits your dogs needs.  Continue reading

Behavioral Problems

Your new dog is in a new environment now, whether they are a puppy or an adult. They have yet to learn your rules, tone of voice and your character. Behavior in the household has to be learned with time. With out a doubt you will run into some problems along the way, but don’t worry your new dog will learn in no time, you just have to stay patient, loving and consistent with your training.  Continue reading