About the Author

Me and my dog Coco have been inseparable since the day I brought her home. When I was searching for puppy I knew I wanted something medium sized and fluffy, or course almost about every girl right? So on my hunt for a companion I did some research online as far as training, best breeds and even prices. One day on my way to work, I saw a house with a huge puppies for sale sign. So I decided to pull over and take a look, there was a big brown box full of the cutest white puppies I have ever seen. Little did I know I would go home with one that day. Coco is a white Mini Poodle, I chose her because she was the first one to stand on her little two feet and look at me. I guess it was meant to be, I didn’t even hesitate or second guess myself when deciding if I wanted her. Training her was fairly easy, I mean it did take time but she eventually learned. She is an indoor dog, so it was a huuuuuggge! plus that she does not shed (Hypoallergenic) Coco is about five years old now, and has become part of the family. Now recently being away from home attending college and leaving her with my parents has definitely been a change but I know she is in good hands. It is always exciting coming home and seeing her excitement when she she’s me.  I am a dog mom & I love it.