Dogs do not only serve us as a companion, but they also serve the law enforcement. A K9 is a dog that is specifically trained to help the law enforcement personnel. Their duties include: searching for drugs and explosives, locating missing people, finding crime scene evidence, and protecting their handlers. Police dogs must remember several verbal cues and hand gestures. The most commonly used breed is the German Shepherd and Belgian Malinoi. 

Police dogs must go through several training before being sent out into the work field with their partners. They must be able to obey their handler with no hesitation. This allows the officer to have complete control over how much force the dog should use against a suspect.These dogs are trained in a specific language, this is important because the dog must only listen to his partner so that the suspect can not command the dog to disobey.

There are two kinds of K9’s single purpose and dual purpose. Single purpose dogs are trained primarily for protection, back up and tracking. Dual purpose dogs are trained to detect explosive and narcotic’s but not both.Dogs can only be trained for one or the other because the dog cannot communicate to the officer if it found explosives or narcotics.

K9s such as the German Shepherd breed, have many qualities that make them applicable for the job. A successful K9 should be intelligent, aggressive, strong, and have a good sense of smell. Many police dogs that are chosen are male and remain unneutered to maintain their aggressive behavior, however there are female police dogs which are used for rescue, tracking, and locating bombs and drugs.

These intelligent dogs, are retired if they are hurt and cannot work any longer, become pregnant or are raising puppies. The average period of them working in the police force is 6-9 years, If these K9’s are killed they receive with same respect as a human in the academy.