Other than using a standard collar when walking your furry companion there are also dog harnesses. Dog harnesses are easier on your pet, as the place little or no pressure on the throat, depending on the style.

You can find harnesses for dogs that distribute pressure over the chest, the shoulders, or even the rear end. Like dog collars, harnesses might be made of nylon, leather, suede, or sports mesh. Some are even lined with faux fur. 

A dog harness is a good choice for small puppies that are not leash trained. It is a great, comfortable way for them to feel confident as they walk by your side. A collar might scare them and make them feel unsafe as it tugs around their neck.

Small dogs go well with harnesses, their necks are fragile and could easily be hurt with a collar. Large dogs also go great with a harness, while your walking them you have more control over them because the harness hugs their bodies.

A harness provides comfort for your furry animal and reduces the stress around its neck, it is secure way for you to hold onto your companion.