Going away but can’t take your dog with you?

Going on a vacation or business trip but don’t know where to leave your pup? no need to worry, your dog is in good hands. When friends and family are not available to look over your dog, Dog Hotels could be your next best option.


A pet hotel is dedicated to going beyond being just “pet friendly”. Here are 5 benefits you can expect from most pet hotels:

1. Daily Walks

One of the best benefits offered by pet hotels is a pet walking service. You won’t have to worry about your pet not getting enough exercise, and this eliminates concerns about hiring a pet walker and giving them entrance into your apartment while you’re gone. Some hotels walk at least twice a day, and others walk three or four times. Ask detailed questions as you call around to compare services.

2. Nutritious Meals

Pet hotels offer pets high quality, nutritious meals throughout the day. Even if you were to find a pet friendly hotel where you’re going, you would have to pack food and find time to give it to them. Some pets have dietary and health problems, which requires you to cook meals. A pet hotel can take care of that according to your specifications. In addition to meals, they also offer pet snacks, catnip and treats.

3. Internet Access

No, your pets don’t have Internet access. However, you’ll be able to view your pets over the Internet. Not all pet hotels offer this service. If you’re concerned about that, and want the ability to see what’s happening with your pets, then only book a hotel that has this capability. The city your traveling to may only have one pet hotel, and that one hotel may not offer you the ability to watch your pets online. What you can do in that situation is call in for updates, or stop by.

4. Playtime

When you travel and leave your pets alone in the apartment, they’re not getting attention from you. This can lead to mischief on their part, and you could return to a torn up apartment. That’s why some people opt to place their pet in a pet hotel during their travels. The hotel attendants play with and entertain your pets, while you’re gone. This keeps the pets happy, gives them the attention they want, and they won’t have an urge to destroy your belongings when you return home.

5. Variety of Pets Accepted

A major benefit to consider is that pet hotels house a variety of pets. You might be able to convince a friend to watch your puppy, but you may have a harder time convincing them to take care of your pet lizard. If you have exotic pets and you plan to travel for some time, then a pet hotel may be the perfect fit. A skilled staff can make sure that your pet is properly cared for, whereas a neighbor may not be able to.

All of these benefits come with a price, and sometimes a hefty one. Compare pet hotel prices carefully, and decide ahead of time which benefits matter to you the most.