Car rides with your dog

Off to the coast, with kids an all, but worried about how your dog might handle the trip? Whatever the destination might be, having your dog come along for the ride, makes the trip even better. Dogs can be great travel companions!

But before we get to excited, there is a couple things you can do to make your dogs trip in the car smoother, safer, and more enjoyable for everybody. 

Car rides are not enjoyable for many dogs at first, one sign is that the pace around and can’t find a way to settle down. Dogs can also get car sickness, and this can ruin your car ride.

Familiarize your dog, there might not be many times where your dog will be in the car with you, but a visit to the vet might be one. It is not easy training your dog to get familiar with a car ride, baby steps will surely get you there even if its a quick car ride around your neighborhood.

Treats toys, and comforting can help your dog, simple routines like this can have your dog jumping in the backseat before you know it. Always make sure to avoid these exercises during hot or cold weather, and always stay with your dog.

Now that your dog is comfortable in the car, take short trips around the town. You and your dog can have even more fun outside of your home, visiting place like dog parks, the pet store, or wherever else you can think of. With practice, and patience you will eventually increase the distance of your trip.