Taking your dog to a dog park

Taking your dog to a dog park,

Your dog will become more social around dogs if you take them to a dog park, they might enjoy it so much they’ll beg you to take them back (:

Being around other dogs, get them moving there little paws, they get to run around, smell new things and play with their own kind. It’s great if they are the only dog that you have, they get to socialize, bark and just be a dog.

Dog parks provide a natural environment for you companion to run around without a leash. If your dog is very energetic this is a great way to get them a little tired.

Not only does your dog bond with other dogs, but you might also meet a few dog lovers in your visit to a dog park. It is a place for dog owners to get together without being judged about their dog, and just let them be free and do their own thing.

Although it is a happy place for your dog, you also want to keep a close eye on your furry friend. Other dogs may not seem as nice as they look, so you always want to be cautious with their surroundings. Also, some dog parks are not gaited so keep them close so they wont wonder off to far.

Have some fun and enjoy the nice weather, carry water for your pup and be sure to keep a close eye on them at all times.