5 games to play with your dog

Playing game’s with your dog is a great start to building a relationship. Have you ever wondered which games your companion would enjoy and would be fun to play? Regular activity is important for your dog, it gets them moving after a long day cooped up. Although napping is recommended for a puppy, it’s never a good idea to play with them for a long period of time. Napping just like a baby, helps with growth and maturity of your young pup. If the play to hard, or too long you’ll end up with a grumpy pup. 

Take your pup for a stroll, let them explore along the curb, stop and smell the roses; this is an ideal activity for young dogs. Your puppy will get to explore outdoors with new things like smell, sight, people, and other dogs. A plus side to this is that you will train them socially and will also get a small exercise in.

We all have played hide and seek as kids, dogs love this game too. Lets start by having someone hold your new furry friend while you go hide. When you are ready begin calling their name, they will be very excited when they find you, It will also help you train them by calling their name and recognize your voice. Remember you have to always let them win.

Fetch! There is no game like this one, its usually the most common to play with your companion. Its best played in a park, along the shore, your backyard or even your living room if you don’t have expensive valuables that can be knocked over. It teaches your pup simple instructions, and gets them running around. Start with a soft toy, or even a ball. Avoid wooden sticks, this might give your pup splinters or they might swallow any unwanted wooden pieces.

Swimming, introduce your pup to water they might actually love it. It’s an activity that is easier on their joints, and will also get a good cardio in for them. To encourage them you might want to get some toys that float in the water. If your dog does not like water please do not force them, this will give them anxiety and may lead to them to a panic.

Teach your pup some simple tricks like sit or stay. This will be a mental exercise for them, teaching them to focus and simply teach them words to obey when outside the house. Reward them with treats, love and affection when you perform well, sooner or later you might move on to tricks like rolling over or playing dead.

Have fun with your furry pup 🙂