Leash train your active puppy

Walking your dog is very important, it trains them socially, and they also get a good little workout in. I remember when I first began training my dog Coco with her leash it was not very easy, she almost seemed like she was in shock wondering why she had a leash on her. With time after taking her around our neighborhood a couple times she eventually get the hang of it and began to have fun with it.

When beginning to walk your puppy/dog make sure you have a nice comfy collar and leash that wont hurt them. Something light weight is usually recommended, so that your dog wont feel awkward wearing it. After training with a simply leash you can move onto a more styled leash that fits your dogs needs. 

Collars cannot be stressed enough, make sure you get one that is comfortable for your dogs to wear at all times. You also want to make sure its not to tight around their neck. I usually leave a two finger space between Coco’s collar and her neck. Your local pet store may have a dog tag machine that you can purchase with his/her name on it and your phone number incase of an emergency.

We all know there isn’t enough hours in the day and sometimes we might come home after a long day. But please try to walk your dog when ever you have time, this builds the bond between you and your dog and they also become get to stretch their little legs out. Often times when we don’t take them out, so when they recognize their leash that get anxious. A tip that might help, is to let you walk around your home with their leash so they can get used to seeing it. Never yank the leash while they have it on, you might hurt them, train them to stay by your side, rewarding them might also help.

Leash training your puppy takes time, its guaranteed they wont learn in the first run. Stay patient and slowly train them day by day. Sooner or later before you know it, you and your dog will be taking smooth walks around town.

Let’s get those paws moving!