Behavioral Problems

Your new dog is in a new environment now, whether they are a puppy or an adult. They have yet to learn your rules, tone of voice and your character. Behavior in the household has to be learned with time. With out a doubt you will run into some problems along the way, but don’t worry your new dog will learn in no time, you just have to stay patient, loving and consistent with your training. 

Dogs are very similar to humans, they have many feelings that they deal with also. One major example being, separation anxiety. Being away from their owners is hard on them, all dogs react differently. Some signs to look out for might be

  1. Distressed when you leave them alone
  2. Dogs may injury themselves in attempt to getting closer to you, like getting out of their crate, digging, breaking their teeth.
  3. Bark continuously
  4. Destructive behavior, chewing, scratching

This is just one example of a behavioral problem, but it definitely is one of the most common. When a new dog owner leaves their new dog at home by themselves all day, many things could happen. But remember to have patience with your furry friend and that eventually with time and proper training you and your dog will be happier than ever.