Seven tips for new puppy owners

Congrats on your new Puppy!

One: Prepare your home before your new furry best friend arrives! just like you would baby-proof, you would be surprised how much a puppy can explore. Your puppy should feel safe and comfortable in their new home. Surround them with love, a comfy bed and nice toys that they can chew on. Be sure to clear things like any electric cables, valuables or anything that you feel they can potentially chew on.

Two: Your puppy needs to visit the Vet! every puppy needs to be well taken care of, one of the biggest and most important steps is to get your dog its first vaccinations. You also want to make sure they are healthy and in good shape so they can grow up to be strong.

Three: Begin to socialize with your puppy, the best time to socialize with your puppy is at a young age. The become more familiar with their surroundings
and others near them. This is when you want to start calling them their cute name that you have chosen.

Four: Potty training your puppy. You should know that your puppy needs to be taken out every two hours at least 6 times a day and especially after meals. Usually puppy’s make mistakes and don’t give any signs as to when they need to be taken outside, but with time  they will learn.

Five: Always reward your puppy for good behavior! Its easy to train them with yummy treats. It will help them understand that what they are doing is good behavior.

Six: Be consistent! An important step is to always be consistent in how your treat your dog. For example, the food your feeding them. It is important to sick to one kind and serve them at their regular times.

Seven: Love your new puppy unconditionally! This is a quick stage they grow up so fast, enjoy every minute of it! Dont forget to take lots of photos to remember how cute they were as a puppy. You will look back at these moments forever.