Yummy Healthy Treats!

pexels-photo-230785There are so many types of dog treats to choose from, not only are some pricey but how does one identify the healthiest for your dog? Dogs can be super picky when it comes to eating a new treat, some dogs have sensitive stomachs and some dogs may have allergies.

Treats are used to reward them for a job well done, or even just a nice snack after their meal. Selecting the best treats that are nutritious and important help your dog keep a balanced diet and healthy life style.

Before you go to the really affordable treats that give you more for your buck. You have to realize that some of the ingredients that are in them are not healthy for your furry friend. Some treats may contain artificial ingredients and many harmful additives that are unhealthy for your dog. Cheap treats do not benefit your dog, and may even be high in calories. I myself caught myself doing this once, but I now read the label of what these treats contain after doing some research. Did you know that ingredients that are healthy for humans, are most likely healthy for dogs too. Make sure to look for products that are pure, all natural, high in nutrition and vitamins, and contain whole fruits and vegetables.

One treat that I love giving my dog, is Blue Buffalo Duck Biscuits, she loves them. They are a nice healthy biscuit crunch that you can add to your pups diet. These biscuits contain many whole ingredients like chicken, duck, calcium, protein just to name a few. There is a treat out in the market that suits every dogs needs, you just have to be patient when searching and willing to splurge a little because you do get what you pay for. It is a small start to keeping your dog living a healthy life.