Finding the right companion

pexels-photo-129636Are you looking for your perfect four legged friend? its quite a process when looking for your perfect pup. Every person is unique and has different desires as to what they might want a furry friend for. It really is true, “Dogs are a mans best friend” They are the first ones to greet you when you come after from a long day. They love you unconditionally, grow old with you and simply make your life sweeter. But there are somethings you have to know before heading to your local animal shelter or breeder. You need to figure out what kind of dog suits your lifestyle, yes you may have once dreamed about owning bulldog, but are you up to the needs this dog requires? There are many breeds to choose from, large, small, fluffy, short haired. You have to ask yourself, o cuddle up with?” or “Do I want a large dog, who can guard the house?” they come in all shapes in sizes. Every dog breed carries a different personality, so you have to think what characteristics you want your pup to have. For example, some dogs love to chew, its just what the do, female, male? ask yourself these questions.

Time, how much time do you have to commit to your future best friend? Coming from a dog owner like myself, its almost like having a child of your own even though you did not carry them around for 9 months believe me. Dogs require time, it is important to meet their specific needs, like training them, walking them, playing with them, grooming them, and simply just being their best friend also.

Do you have children? , training your new pup to be kind to your child might be a bit challenging. In this case you might want to look for a breed that is good around kids. Some signs to look for when bringing a new dog around your child is to look for hints like is there tail wagging, are they playing nice, things like this show that dogs want to be around your child. On another note, you also have to make sure that your new dog wont be scared of children for instance some children tend to play a little rough with animals. But theres nothing a little training cant do.

Some last helpful elements that you also might want to think about is cost and training. Cost, it takes a decent amount of money to set up a brand new puppy in your home. Starting with food, a tray for their food and water, a bed, perhaps a kettle, leash and collar etc. A new dog owner must be ready to take these steps financially. Dogs also need shots, and occasional Vet visits that you might not expect.

At the end of the night, you will be so happy you became a dog owner to a pup you never knew you would have so much love towards. Dogs become part of the family, they become your new best friend that joins you on adventure. They teach you life lessons and sometimes even things you didn’t know about yourself. They become your children.