Therapy Dogs

pexels-photo-275717-1There are many ways a furry friend can assist you, and making them a therapy dog can help in many ways. A therapy dog is a dog that is trained to provide affection and comfort to someone in a hospital, retirement home, schools etc. Dogs have become more than a mans best friend. Making them a therapy dog, gives you the privileges to pretty much take them where ever you go.  Some colleges and universities bring therapy dogs onto campuses to help de-stress students during mid-terms and finals. Spending time with an animal has shown improvement mentally, physically, emotionally and socially.  Continue reading

Yummy Healthy Treats!

pexels-photo-230785There are so many types of dog treats to choose from, not only are some pricey but how does one identify the healthiest for your dog? Dogs can be super picky when it comes to eating a new treat, some dogs have sensitive stomachs and some dogs may have allergies.

Treats are used to reward them for a job well done, or even just a nice snack after their meal. Selecting the best treats that are nutritious and important help your dog keep a balanced diet and healthy life style. Continue reading

Finding the right companion

pexels-photo-129636Are you looking for your perfect four legged friend? its quite a process when looking for your perfect pup. Every person is unique and has different desires as to what they might want a furry friend for. It really is true, “Dogs are a mans best friend” They are the first ones to greet you when you come after from a long day. They love you unconditionally, grow old with you and simply make your life sweeter. But there are somethings you have to know before heading to your local animal shelter or breeder. You need to figure out what kind of dog suits your lifestyle, yes you may have once dreamed about owning bulldog, but are you up to the needs this dog requires? There are many breeds to choose from, large, small, fluffy, short haired. You have to ask yourself, Continue reading

Who ever said diamonds are a girls best friend, never owned a dog.

img_8091-2As I write this, I am sitting at my desk, in my dorm at SJSU. Patiently waiting until I see my four legged fur baby again. Coco, is her name. She is a five year old spunky white Mini Poodle living in Los Angeles with my parents. Ive grown to love dearly, she fills my life with joy and makes me laugh endlessly. She is my best friend as crazy as it sounds, but I know all you dog lovers understand me. Continue reading